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99 Beauty Academy – Best Beauty Academy In Hoshiarpur, Kapurthala, Ludhiana

99 Beauty Academy is one of the finest Beauty Academy and Salon engaged in bringing revolution in the beauty industry with a great scope for beauticians and hair designers in India. As we all know that there is a huge demand for beauticians in today’s era. So, 99 Beauty Academy, as one of Best Beauty Academy In Hoshiarpur, Kapurthala, Ludhiana is offering special beauty and wellness courses to make the youth of the country well educated and qualified. The Main aim of 99 Beauty Academy is to explore beauty and wellness field in the industry. That’s why it is putting its best efforts to improve student’s skills and make them well prepared for real work environment.


Contact Information 99 Beauty Academy


99 Beauty Academy

Best Beauty Academy And Salon

43 Green Park, Mota Singh Nagar,


Phone: 89999-91313

Best Beauty Academy In Hoshiarpur, Kapurthala, Ludhiana

Along with an experienced staff 99 Beauty Academy have branches in all cities Chandigarh, Jalandhar, Ludhiana, Amritsar, Jagraon, HoshiarpurKapurthala, Ajnala, Begowal, Dasuya, Moga, Mullanpur, Nabha, Patiala, Tarantaran. Also, it offers special beauty and wellness courses to make the youth of the country well educated.


Beauty Diploma Courses

1 Diploma in Cosmetology CG-99(D3) DIC 6 months
2 Diploma in Hair Designing CG-99(D4) DHD 4 months
3 Diploma in Beauty culture CG-99(D5) DBC 4 months
4 Diploma in Body & Spa Therapy CG-99(D6) DBT 4 months
5 Diploma in Nail Art & Extensions CG-99(D7) DN&E 2 months
6 Diploma In Make-Up (Level I & Level II) CG-99( D8) DMU 3 months


Certificate Courses

1 Certificate in Basic Beauty & Hair CG-99(C9) CBBH 1 month
2 Certificate in Basic Hair CG-99(C10) CBH 2 months
3 Certificate in Advanced Hair CG-99(C11) CAH 2 months
4 Certificate in Basic Beauty CG-99(C12) CBB 2 months
5 Certificate in Advanced Beauty CG-99(C13) CAB 2 months
6 Certificate in Art of Makeup (Level I) CG-99(C14) CAMU 2 months
7 Certificate in Professional Makeup (Level II) CG-99(C15) CPMU 1 month
8 Certificate in Nail Art CG-99(C16) CNA 15 days
9 Certificate in Nail Extension CG-99(D17) CNE 1 month
10 Certificate in Mehandi CG-99(C18) CMD 15 days
11 Certificates in HairCuts CG-99(C19) CHC 2 months
12 Certificate In Self Grooming CG-99(C20) CSG 15 days
13 ADVANCE CERTIFICATE COURSE IN PROFESSIONAL MAKE UP (Red Carpet, Media, Metallic, Air Brush, Decade, Bronze tan look, Face Art, Body Art, Camouflage Makeups) CG-99(C21) ACPMU 1 month
14 Certificate Course In saree Draping CG-99C22 CSD 10 days
15 Certificate Course In Trendy Hair Do’s CG-99C23 CTHD 10 days
16 Advance Certificate Course In PROFESSIONAL HAIR CG-99C24 ACPH 2 months
17 * Certificate Course in Air Brush (optional) CG-99C25 CABM 5 days

Long Term Courses

1 Post Graduation Diploma in Cosmetology CG-99(D1) PGDC 15 months
2 Advance Diploma in Cosmetology & Hair designing CG-99(D2) ADCHD 12 months

99 Beauty Academy focuses mainly on:

• Providing Endless Career Opportunities for our Certified Candidates
• Providing Personality Development Classes
• Exploring Confidence, Skills and Interests in the Beauty Industry
• Bringing 99 Beauty Academy and Salon on top in accordance with education and services

Moreover, 99 Beauty Academy and Salon offer 100% complete guaranteed placement to all students in renowned salons all around the country. The toppers get placed in the other branches of 99 Academy wherever there is a vacancy and all the students will be hired somewhere after the completion of the successful course.

Myriad courses availed by 99 Beauty Academy are high in demand and offers great salary once a person acquired them. If you are also searching for Best Beauty Academy In Hoshiarpur, Kapurthala, Ludhiana and wants to fulfil all your dreams or aspirations then approach 99 Beauty Academy now. Feel free to call anytime and fulfil your aspirations.


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