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Seenaina foods and events in jalandhar (punjab) india.

Seenaina foods and events have arranged in the market for events management for all types of wedding parties, social get together, birthday parties, stage show, corporate meetings, exhibitions and all types of functions. we arrange all the events with perfection with the help of our expert team members and within the budget of our client’s requirements. for any type of functions, SEENAINA FOODS AND EVENTS will arrange all requirements under one roof. Seenaina foods and events will arrange the best caterer or all types of food arrangements, venue decoration, light decoration, flower arrangements, a musical program or artistic presentation for stage etc. we have expertise team for your event to make it a memorable event for you. we can say that “we work, you rest” for your event.



Seenaina foods and events

seenaina foods and events

seenaina foods and events in jalandhar (punjab) india.

5 C Aman Nagar
Jalandhar city,

Phone: 9814723861


Seenaina foods and events have been arranged in the organizing various types of events, parties, catering, exhibitions, and wedding functions etc. we also expertise in arranging ARMY social evening get together and official parties of the various government department. we will arrange your wedding function a type of event with unforgettable memories and happiness. BEST CATERER IN JALANDHAR ( Punjab) India.

EENAINA FOODS AND EVENTS is famous for food catering & event management in Jalandhar. we will arrange all types of catering and exhibitions and stage shows and star nights as per the demand of customers. we have a proper arrangement for food catering, flower decoration, lighting, venue decoration, stage program,  catering, photography arrangement, helicopter booking etc. Seenaina foods and events is a one-stop shop for your all events and functions. we provide the best quality food catering and services.

They are famous for organising star nights. if you want to hire big celebrities for your event or function we will arrange each and everything for you.

seenaina foods and events in jalandhar (punjab) india.

Wedding planner and event management.

Seenaina foods and event management arrange for you best wedding arrangements and all events of wedding. If you are also looking for Best foods and events in Jalandhar (Punjab) India then contact seenaina foods and events in Jalandhar (Punjab) India at any time whenever you feel requirement.



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